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Mastering the Corporate Exit Strategy:

How To Get Up To 10X Multiple For Your Practice!


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During this recorded private briefing, you’ll discover how dentists and dental practice owners in Hawaii are uniquely positioned to create a Hawaii-only DSO platform. 

This could lead to an exit strategy that most dentists don’t realize is possible.

Plus it’s the type of strategy that they don’t teach in dental school.  

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About the presenters

Brady Frank

Brady Frank is the founder of Freedom Dental Partners, the industry leader in creating dentist owned and dentist led platforms that sell to private equity companies for a double digit multiple. As an innovator, inventor and entrepreneur in the field of dentistry, Dr. Frank has built a platform and expertise related to multiple doctor & location private group practices, dental transitions, DSO and DDSO expansion and growth strategies, and healthcare real estate investment.

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Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel is the Founder of the International Academy of Sleep and Freedom Dental Partners. While practicing clinical dentistry, Avi bought five practices and sold all of them at a hefty profit. Today, his focus is on teaching hundreds of dentists how to rethink their retirement strategy and leverage their practices to create total lifestyle, career, and financial freedom as healthcare entrepreneurs.

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Chris McClure

Chris McClure leads engagements with DSOs and large group practices to help grow their business, build infrastructure, and facilitate M&A activity.  Chris and his team support dental companies throughout their lifecycle while driving EBITDA, reducing costs, and growing enterprise value.

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