Hang Up The Handpiece and Build Wealth As a Healthcare Entrepreneur

The 3 Secrets to Dental Practice Investing

A no holds barred look at how to jumpstart the next phase of your career. We'll show you exactly how to find, fund, and flip practices with confidence using expert-tested low-risk strategies that put money in your pocket:

  • ✨  How to Find Dental Investment Opportunities
  • ✨  Performing Due Diligence - The 5 things we look for in any practice
  • ✨  How to Talk to Brokers
  • ✨  How to Ensure You’re Not Bogged Down with Practice Management
  • ✨  Finalizing the Sale

…and more!

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Calling all Dentists eager to create career, financial, and lifestyle freedom:

We invite you to join us LIVE as we explore new opportunities for building wealth in dentistry that will position you to finally navigate your career and live your life on your own terms.
Dentistry is H-O-T right now thanks to an influx of private equity capital to the tune of billions of dollars. Millions of dollars are at stake for those who know how to take advantage of this unprecedented boom.
Who better than dentists like you who have the years of experience to know what makes for a successful practice? Whether or not you want to become a full time dental investor, or get started building a stream of supplemental income, now is the time to jump in… and we’ll show you how to do it, with the least-risk.
We remain passionate to helping dentists thrive financially so they can have the freedom to make their dreams come true.
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We're on a Mission to Create Total Dental Freedom

At Freedom Dental Partners, we create opportunities for dentists to navigate every phase of their careers on their own terms. There are more possibilities for building wealth and enjoying a satisfying career in dentistry than ever before. Experience the peace of mind knowing that when you partner with us, you have access to a team of dental industry experts who understand your unique needs and challenges. Together, we can help you realize your dreams on your terms.


"I have been working with Brady and his team for close to three years. This has culminated in partnering my multi-doc group with a platform backed by private equity. From both a cash and holdco result, I could not be more pleased. The next phase of my journey includes investing in new platforms and creating even more streams of passive income by reinvesting back into my profession."

Our mantra is to try to find the smartest person in the room and get them on our team. Avi and Brady know what they're talking about and they are big picture thinkers."